Giving back solar energy

How can Blenchi help?

The rising energy prices have also reached the Caribbean islands.

So high that many households are finding it difficult to support themselves and their families. With giving back solar we plan to provide homes of the less fortunate families with solar panels. Enough to make daily life more bearable & affordable.

Our calculation

We strive to use and make immediate use of every euro coming in, but we also look to the future! How will you think?

Among other things, we want to sell part ( 20% ) of the energy generated by the solar power back to the grid, which means we can use this money to step in where necessary, for example for targets that do not reach the target goals. The remaining 80% will be supplied free of charge to the resident, with no monthly charges and no small print. The turn over that comes from the plastic recycling plant will go 50% to Zeus Foundation the other 50% is income workers and maintaining the quipment.

Goal: € 10.000,-


Raised: € 4.100,-

What we do

Regular transfers

It’s also possible to make an old-fashioned bank transfer, which is completely anonymous. 

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Bitcoin donations

For everyone who’ll rather pay using crypto; this is also a possible form of donation for Blenchi Foundation! Alike regular transfers, this is completely anonymous. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

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